Valentus Coolest GuyHi, my name is Jerry Booth, a Serial Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, founder of a Luxury Real Estate & Rentals company and a Diamond Leader with Valentus, A Weight Loss Beverages & Health Products company who are a Leading Network Marketing Company with a Global Reach.


Firstly, I’d like to tell you a little about myself and also WHY VALENTUS, WHY NOW.


I began my Online Business ventures in 1996, just around the time the internet was starting to become the phenomenon it is today, 21 years ago now, which seems like a lifetime. That first business venture I started was sold to Google in 2004 when after 3 years of trying to hold them off, the numbers were just too good to refuse.


That sale allowed me, even though it was hard to let go of at the time, the lifestyle and means I have today, the ability to share and contribute to other people lives, foundations and charities and those which help people less fortunate than ourselves, something me and my wife Kim are very proud off, it also allowed us to invest more funds into a second venture that we had started working on 3 years before, Online Real Estate Marketing sales.


The Million Dollar Listing was born in Florida, Living between the UK & US where we had homes, a deal was put together with a global name in Real Estate, Sales topped over $100 million within the first 3 months, with over $16 million paid in commission sales to the agents. It wasn’t long after that investors from Wall Street came knocking for a piece of the action. With all agreeing on a deal,  the business was sold, that company eventually morphed into that cheesy Real Estate Reality Show you see all over your screens today.


After some time off, a reset on life after Kim’s illness was diagnosed and deciding what really is important in life and realizing it’s not money, we set about trying to help people less fortunate than ourselves. Cancer Care was an easy one for us to choose as a starting point, then going on to sponsor a village full of kids in the Dominican Republic and numerous charities around the world.



We eventually moved on to Canada where we live today, having the entrepreneurial spirit again knocking on our door, it wasn’t long before the Lux Group was born, similar to the MDL, but this time in Paradise, The Bahamas, we fell in love with the Islands on vacation and eventually got married there on the beach and has now become our second home.



Then came Valentus, the big one I hear you say, YES and here’s why I think that.

I got approached by a business colleague who had just started to check it out, to be honest I wasn’t really interested, I had never done Network Marketing before, it was not something that floated my boat and the industry on a whole had a bad name and not one I wanted my name associated with, he knew it wasn’t a monetary thing with me but he kept on bugging to check it out, so I did, 6 months later.


Wow, was I wrong, the only thing I regret so far is not looking and starting this thing earlier, the products are great, easy to share, and sell themselves. The management of the company, well you would have to go far to find more enthusiastic driven people who love and care for everything it entails, that for me was like a breath of fresh air..


I met the CEO and had a really good chat, I like to look into people’s eyes, they say they are the doorway to the soul and can tell you so much about a person, I liked him, his enthusiasm and his ethics and that goes a long way with me.


I’m known as a cool guy, in fact according to Google, I’m the coolest guy in Canada and now the coolest guy in Valentus, but am I coachable? I started working for myself in 1988, I have never had to answer to anyone except the wife, I ask myself, can I be open and coachable in this new venture, the answer is Yes,  So Why Valentus and Why now?


Well, I look at it this way, The products are just fantastic, all natural with no GMO’s they DO change people’s lives, whether that’s helping them live a healthier life by losing a few pounds, having more energy or better sleep, or even making a few extra bucks working the great compensation plan the company has to offer, if that helps them send their kids to college, or allows them to enroll kids into a hockey or golf class or just pays the credit card each month, it’s enriching them and giving them opportunity not only to be their own boss, but to do things that maybe they never had the chance to do before, A Win Win and this falls into the bracket that we set out on many years ago to share the wealth and help people reach their potential.


Now we have started building our own team, and I’m all in, I love to see people getting better, whether its health or wealth, and if I can contribute just a little bit to that through my experience in business, I want to help, I want people in my team to be able to see the world through my eyes and see what I see, to be in a position to travel, to enjoy life, to help enlighten others, to have nice things, life is not a rehearsal and with Valentus and the opportunity that it brings, everything is possible to those who want it, I mean who really want it. Check out the 12in24 Lifestyle video and share.

We have helped change thousands of people’s lives, that’s a legacy we’re proud of. If you want to join me on this journey and work with the coolest guy in Valentus, then drop me a line at   or visit the website  I look forward to speaking with you soon, and thank you for reading.